AMINO PLUS FOLIAR FERTILIZER is made from fish and contains compounds that promote plant growth. It does not contain toxic or carcinogenic materials, thus a good source of fertilizer.
Unlike other fertilizers derived from fish or other natural sources, Amino Plus does not involve heating. Fish is liquefied at low temperature which prevents denaturation of proteins and retains valuable amino acids, vitamins and natural oils. It makes use of natural enzyme from fish to produce essential amino acids and fatty acids that are easily absorbed by plants.
Amino Plus does not use harmful preservatives and makes use of organic acids produced by lactic acid bacteria (lactobacillus p.) for preservation.

Fish contains compounds for promoting plant growth and does not contain toxic or carcinogenic materials making it a valuable resource forĀ bio-fertilization.

Amino Plus Foliar fertilizer contains effective microorganisms consisting mostly of lactic acid bacteria, nitrogen fixing bacteria and yeast that act as bio-fertilizers for plants. They give long-term beneficial effects on the physical, chemical and biological aspects of the soil. These microorganisms are highly efficient agents in promoting plant growth and increasing tolerance to disease-causing microorganisms



Dilute 1-2 teaspoon (5-10 mL) of Amino Plus Foliar Fertilizer per Liter of Water. For Backpack sprayers, dilute 80-100 mL of Amino Plus Foliar Fertilizer in 16 Liters of backpack sprayers.

Application Instruction


  1. Product Must Be Stirred Well


Because of presence of oils, product separates either in its concentrated or diluted form. Hence, stirring well is very important


You should stir drums with a CLEAN pole or stick. Our suggested stirring is 100 revolutions 1 way and 50 revolutions the other ay


  1. Pumps, Spray Equipment Must Be Cleaned After Every Use


This is for the purpose of protecting your equipment from clogging and corrosion issues due to build up of oil. It is very important to fush your equipment with clean water to keep your equipment at its best working condition and as long as possible.


  1. Do Not Store Diluted

Once the product is already mixed with water, it must be used up within 24 hours. During our production process, we bring Amino Plus to a pH of 3.5 to attain stability. Once water has been added, pH level goes up and when store diluted, it will still work, but will smell really bad.


  1. When Mixed With Other Inputs

When mixing with other inputs such as Pesticides and other Complimentary Fertilizers,

When being used with other inputs, always add AMINO PLUS to the tank last.


  1. Follow The Recommended Dilution

You can add more water, but do not add less than the minimum recommended dilution. This is to protect your plant from getting burnt due to high concentration of nutrients


  1. Do Not Expose Product To Air During Storage

Remember to put back the cap and close properly when storing the product after breaking seal. Entry of air can cause contamination and product sta