Global Green Organic Fertilizer Inc. is located in Riverside Canduman, Mandaue City. The company came about as an endeavor to valorize the by-product from a fish filleting process. The by-products, consisting of fish heads, bones, scales and viscera is about 60% of the total raw material in a filleting process. Aware that these by-products are too valuable to be considered as wastes, and being concerned about the detrimental effect of disposed fish to the environment, Global Green Organic Fertiizer Inc. was established to provide innovative solutions and came up with AMINO PLUS FOLIAR FERTILIZER.

The company was issued its License to Manufacture by the Fertilizers and Pesticides Authority on August 2014. It acquired its organic certification from Organic Certification Center of the Philippines on May 2015. The company is constantly innovating for more products from valuable natural sources for plant and animal nutrition.


Global Green Organic Fertilizer Inc. is established to produce high quality organic agricultural products and support local farmers in their pursuit of high quality agricultural products.


Global Green Organic Fertilizer Inc. accomplish its purpose by ensuring that its manufacturing process, practices and management systems are driven by the demands and need of our esteemed customers. It is also the duty to assist farmers on proper farming techniques to maximize their production yield, and ultimately, increase profit.


Global Green Organic Fertilizer Inc. seeks to be the leading manufacturer of premium quality agricultural products in the Philippines and produce variety of products that provide innovative solutions for agricultural industry in the country.


The company is engaged in the research, manufacturing and distribution of Agricultural Inputs for plants and animal husbandry.